About this book

Thirty-seven years ago Washington State bottle hobbyist John Cooper wanted a better way to view the auction results from the Charles B. Gardner collection. John organized the 3004 items in those landmark sales by section for each bottle category, and then organized each item in the sections to create what was probably the first bottle auction price results reference. The antique bottle and glass auction price list was born!

The intervening years have witnessed many auction venues for antique glass and bottles that have added to the hobby landscape, and with this reference we are proud to present a price list for today's antique bottle and glass collector based on those results.

Antique Bottle and Glass Auction Price Results represents thousands of hours of effort over the past year. We referred to hundreds of auctions held by 19 auction houses over the past 27 years. Typically this was about 1,500 listings per year. All this data was meticulously screened and formatted into a consistent style for ease of reading and presentation.

We have organized this resource to make it as easy as possible to find what you are looking for quickly – listings are organized by category and within category by reference number or common name. There are headers on each page to make it easy to scan through the sections to locate a given listing. Take a look at a few sample pages from the book.

This publication represents only half of the value of this new resource - this companion website is an even more powerful part of this package. On the website, you can do simple or complex searches by reference number, keywords, auction house name and much more. Both old and new auction results will be continually added to the website for a perpetually current, yet historically grounded, auction results resource.

In order to make this book "portable" we have only listed items that have sold for $75 or more and we have not included some of the older auctions (like the Gardner auction referenced above). This website does contain the complete set of listings and the other auctions that we did not include in this book.

There have been a great number of people that have assisted with their time and expertise to create this book, but two in particular have made both the reference book and the online resource better than I could have ever imagined. Nicole Blain with her tireless effort, management of resources, attention to detail and tenacity has made the entries and the organization of the resource a reality. And Bill Meier, a partner and friend in this endeavor, with his technical acumen, insatiable curiosity, astute observations and his timely sense of humor have created a solid foundation for this entire effort.

It is our sincere hope that this publication, and associated website, serve as a valuable resource to the entire range of people interested in antique bottles and glass, and that it proves useful in their bottle and glass pursuits. While the number of entries has swelled to over 39,000 the intent is the same as John Cooper back in the mid 70s – to create a useful tool that builds knowledge within the hobby. Thank you John for getting us started!